Message from Jan Sandler, President of JMS

Dear Friend,

jan2Hi, I’m the owner of JMS Enterprises, the company with the only “28 Point Quality Inspection Checklist” in the carpet cleaning industry – built for your satisfaction. It’s a checklist that has taken 37 years to perfect!
That’s not bravado — it’s simple fact.

We both know that clean carpets are more than just something to look at. Whether it is your children, your grandchildren, your pets or even you and your special loved one, we all spend considerable time on our carpets — playing games, watching TV or just hanging out. The last thing we want to do is roll around in the muck, mold and germs that you, your family and, yes, even your four legged friends drag in and leave all over your carpets.

Your home is your castle. And it should feel like just that. You should feel like you can walk barefoot around the house without worrying about what is getting on or in your feet. Let alone the desire to feel safe, knowing that your children and pets who spend most of their day rolling and playing on your floors stay safe, clean, and healthy.

No One Else In The Carpet Cleaning Industry Makes These Bold Guarantees!!!

Quality Guarantee JMS Enterprises Everyone Else
Money back guarantee Yes No
Educate customers Always Rarely
Use wall guards Always Rarely
Deliver work as promised Always Rarely
Bait and hook sell you Never Always
Referral programs Yes No
Follow-up surveys Yes No
Use sub-contractors Never Sometimes
Bonded Always Sometimes
Background checks on all employees Always Sometimes
Give you free booties Always Seldom
Give you free bottle of “Spot Out” Always Charge You
Give you “Carpet Cleaning for Dummies” Always Never
Owner is accessible Always Never
Owner has 37 years experience Yes No
Owner personally trains all crews Always Never
Employees held accountable Always Never
28-Point Quality Inspection Checklist Always Never
Use non-toxic, “green” cleaning agents Always Sometimes
Use non-allergenic cleaning agents Always Sometimes
Use pet safe cleaning agents Always Rarely

Yes, the guarantees I offer are real, straight-forward and have been honored for 37 years — we’ve served over 15,000 Tri-State customers. Many stay with us for life, coming back year after year. In fact, nearly 80% of our new business comes from referrals from our existing customer. Why? Because on top of our very courteous and reliable service by the most qualified technicians using the most reliable service system in my industry, my company flat-out delivers on its guaranteed promises of your complete satisfaction.

Frankly, there is no way that I could stay in business and make these offers if I wasn’t able to back them up. And I do. I’ve been in business for 37 years, cleaning more carpets than any other technician, using more types of cleaning agents with more types of machines than any other cleaner in the Tri-State area. And I have perfected my skills and turned them into a system that delivers results every time we come to your home. So take note, there is no fine print here. I simply guarantee your complete and unquestioned satisfaction or you will get your money back.

Jan Sandler
Owner, JMS Enterprises