Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What type of equipment do you use?+

We have state of the art truck mounted equipment designed to clean at top efficiency. Only the cleaning wand and hoses come into your home. We don’t use bulky, ineffective portable machines. There is no messy mixing or dumping in your home. We do not use your hot water or electricity.

What is steam cleaning? Is it better?+

Yes. We combine steam (hot water), pressure and powerful cleaning agents to deep clean carpet all the way down to the backing. The solution and liquefied soil is removed immediately using strong suction.

What is the difference between steam cleaning and the shampoo method?+

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, consists of heated water mixed with cleaning solutions, which is injected into the carpet under pressure to liquefy the soil. The solution and the soil is then immediately extracted from the carpet. The shampoo method is a surface cleaning using detergents applied with a rotary machine. The problem with shampooing is that it leaves a soap residue, which attracts more dirt. In addition, it can damage the fibers.

Is it really steam?+

Not really. Steam is an industry term. We actually use hot water heated to the proper temperature for the most efficient cleaning. Actual steam would no be practical because it cannot be properly injected into the carpet for proper cleaning.

How long does it take to clean?+

The time necessary to clean your carpet depends on the size of the rooms to be cleaned, the amount of furniture to be moved, the number of stains and the amount of soiling. We spend as long as necessary to do the job properly. Under average conditions, you should allow 15 to 20 minutes per room.

How soon can we walk on the carpet? How long will it take to dry?+

We extract as much of the moisture as possible from the carpet. It will be damp to the touch when we finish but you can walk on it right away as long as you use clean slippers, or shoes. To prevent resoiling, avoid street shoes until the carpet is completely dry. You shoud allow 6 to 12 hours for drying. You can speed the drying process by following the instructions on your sales receipt.

Can upholstery be safely steam cleaned?+

The great majority of upholstered furniture can and should be steam cleaned.

Can I sit on the cleaned sofa or chair?+

Because less moisture is used to clean upholstery, the drying time should be short. However, the furniture should be allowed to dry completely before use.

Do you pre-spray?+

We carry a complete line of products designed to handle any type of problem we encounter, including pre-sprays designed for heavily soiled areas. We will pre-spray if necessary to ensure that your carpet is as clean as possible.

What about spots and stains?+

Our cleaning process will remove most spots and stains. For the more stubborn ones, we carry and assortment of specialized spot removers designed to achieve great results. If anyone can get them out, we are the ones to do it! There is never any additional charge for routine sport removal (there may be charges for “Kool-Aid” type stain removal. We do have good success removing most types of common household stains. Click Here for More Information

Does the cleaning aid the killing of fleas and other insects?+

The cleaning process is not designed to exterminate insects.

Can we clean traffic lanes only?+

Yes, but we do not recommend it. Carpet collects dust and allergens throughout the surface. They should be removed for health and sanitary reasons.

Do you move furniture?+

We will move all furniture. The only exceptions would be items that cannot be safely moved because of their size, contents or construction.

What do I need to prepare?+

We ask customers to remove all breakables, valuables, decorative items, lamps and antiques from the areas to be cleaned. This would include items from hutches or china cabinets.

Are you bonded?+


We just moved into a house where the pervious owners had pets. Can you remove the odor?+

We use a deodorizer, which is very effective at removing most odors. This is especially true if we are dealing with an overall, general pet odor. If we are dealing with pet urine, the odor problem may not be limited to the carpet only. The pad and even the floor underneath may be affected. In such cases, without extensive renovation, the odor may return.

How do you determine the difference between sofa and a sectional?+

A sofa is usually seven feet long, limited to one piece with two arms. Sectionals are usually multiple pieces, pushed together and have pieces with no arms.

  • Sectional – Seats two or more. Pieces between four and five feet long are priced as a loveseat. Pieces between five and seven feet long are priced as a sofa. Extra length is priced incrementally. All pieces must be designed to fit together.
  • Modular – Seats on. If any piece is described as a hassock, determine the size. If it is large enough to seat one person, price it as part of the sectional unit. If pillows are of the same material, they are part of the piece to be cleaned. If not, the will be priced separately upon arrival.


How long should it last?+

The length of protection varies by wear conditions, amount of traffic and the frequency of cleaning. Generally if the carpet is soiled enough to have cleaned you should have the Scotchgard reapplied.

Is Scotchgard or other stain protection removed by steam cleaning?+

Foot traffic and vacuuming are the primary factors in the removal of the stain protection. Some of the stain protection is removed during the cleaning process. If the carpet is more than year or two old or has been cleaned, protector should be reapplied.

What happens if a recall is necessary? Does the protector need to be reapplied?+

We do the reapplication to ensure that you have the highest level of protection.

Will it have any effect on the color or texture of fibers?+

There is no effect on the color or texture of any fibers.

Is there any odor?+

There is a light fragrance that most customers describe as fresh and so clean.

Is there any guarantee?+

All of our work is guaranteed including Scotchgard applications. Scotchgard warranties vary by the product and the type of coverage purchased. Check with your owner/manager.