Leather Cleaning

leather-cleaningLeather cleaning extends and reconditions the life of the leather.

It also replenishes the essential oils to the leather, bringing back its natural beauty.

  • First we deep clean your leather furniture with gentle, pH balanced leather cleaners.
  • Then we restore suppleness and eliminate dryness with our special, conditioner. Specially formulated for leather upholstery, our conditioner prevents cracking and premature aging and contains no animal fats which can damage your expensive leather upholstery.

The first line of defense in protecting your investment in leather furniture is keeping the leather clean. One of the biggest jobs we have is removing stains from the accumulation of “Body oils”, drink and food stains, imbedded soil, and ink stains. Minute traces of body oils are left on the leather when your skin or hair touches the leather.

Unless those minute traces are removed weekly or monthly, the leather absorbs them. Then suddenly, a dark stain appears on the front of each arm from your hands or the middle of the arm from your elbow or your head when you slept on that comfortable sofa. The biggest area is where your head touches when you lean back and fall asleep. Another area is where the inside of your knees touch when wearing shorts or a skirt.

These are the primary areas to keep clean. Clean leather not only looks better, it lasts longer. Staining not only discolors leather it increases the breakdown of leather by altering its pH.