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CDC Guidelines for Cleaning Your Home During the COVID-19 Lockdown

CDC Guidelines for Cleaning Your Home During the COVID-19 Lockdown

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever before for us to keep our homes clean.  Practicing proper cleaning and sanitation procedures can help prevent the spread of the virus and keep you and your family safe.  At JMS Enterprises, we’ve been helping homeowners in Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA keep their homes clean since 1973, and we’re ready to pitch in and bring our expertise to the current situation.  Here are a few tips from our technicians that will help you clean and disinfect your home in compliance with the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Learn more about our Coronavirus prevention cleaning in Montgomery County, PA.

Hard Surfaces

Surfaces like wood or vinyl flooring, counter tops, appliances can be cleaned using soap and water, then thoroughly dried.  Make a habit of cleaning these surfaces more frequently than you normally would.  When the surface is dry, you can spray it with any of the household disinfectants approved by the CDC.  Be sure to follow all instructions listed on the disinfectant bottle (like leaving it sitting on a surface for a period of time) and wear gloves any time you’re cleaning.

Soft Surfaces

Carpet, rugs, drapes, and furniture upholstery can be more difficult to clean.  All of these items can be professionally cleaned, and all the best professional carpet cleaners (like the ones at JMS Enterprises) can also spray a CDC-approved disinfectant after cleaning is completed.  Drapes, bedding, clothing, and other soft items may also be cleaned in a washing machine using the warmest setting.  Once they are cleaned and dried, they can be sprayed with disinfectant.


The CDC recommends covering electronics like tablets, computer monitors, keyboards, and remotes with a wipe-able cover.  It’s also a good idea to wipe them down frequently with alcohol disinfectant wipes or spray.  Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning to avoid damaging your electronics.

“High Touch” Areas

The areas we touch the most frequently are the ones that need the most attention.  Tables, doorknobs, light switches, car door handles, phones, steering wheels, etc. should be wiped down much more often than other surfaces.  Wipes containing at least 70% alcohol are perfect for this job!

We know that cleaning and disinfecting your home or business is a big job, but it’s something that needs to be done to slow the spread of COVID-19.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, JMS Enterprises can help!  We offer professional cleaning services for carpets, hard surfaces, upholstery, and more, as well as disinfecting services that are proven to kill COVID-19 and 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.  Our technicians follow all CDC guidelines for personal protective equipment and social distancing during all jobs, and we will make sure to disinfect surfaces like doorknobs and light switches before leaving.

If you’re interested in inquiring about disinfecting or any of our other professional cleaning services, give us a call at 215-706-0188.  We’ll be happy to tell you more about all the services we offer and about everything we’re doing to help the people in our community fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

JMS Enterprises is a locally-owned company that has been providing superior carpet care services to Montgomery County, PA & Bucks County homeowners since 1973.

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JMS Enterprises is a locally-owned company that has been providing superior carpet care services in Montgomery County, PA & Bucks County homeowners since 1973.

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