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How to Test Your Indoor Air Quality

How to Test Your Indoor Air Quality

Having a clean and happy home is about more than washing the dishes and doing the laundry. The quality of the air in your home also has a huge impact on how you feel when you are living in it. Mold spores, dust, dander, pollen, and other particulate matter can significantly reduce the air quality in your home, aggravating allergies and asthma or creating unpleasant odors. The problem with air quality issues is that they can be difficult to detect with our senses alone.

If you think you have an air quality problem (and even if you don’t) it’s always a good idea to do some testing to find out the severity of the issue. Today, the professional cleaning experts at JMS Enterprises would like to tell you how you can test your home’s air quality, and what to do if there is a problem.

Air Quality Testing

There are a number of air quality testing products available on the market today. These devices generally use electrochemical sensors or laser light to detect particulates and chemicals floating in the air. A good air quality tester will be able to detect allergens, dust, mold spores, volatile organic compounds, and even odorless gases like carbon monoxide and radon. Because most testing kits are designed to detect specific air quality issues, you may need to buy multiple kits or devices to test for everything. Luckily, many of these kits are relatively inexpensive.

What To Do If You Detect An Air Quality Issue

If your testing has revealed a problem, the best thing to do is attack the source of that problem. For example, if you have mold issues, you will need to find out where the mold is growing and take steps to remediate it. Carpets, beds, and upholstered furniture can be one source of indoor air pollution. Vacuuming, doing a thorough cleaning, and having your furniture professionally cleaned are all good ways to reduce the amount of dust, pollen, and mold spores that get recirculated throughout your home. You will also want to get your carpets and area rugs professionally cleaned at least once every year.

Your air vents may be another source. A layer of dust can build up inside your air vents, and when your HVAC system is running, that dust gets blown all over your home. Calling up professional air vent cleaners will ensure this dust buildup is removed from your ducts and from the air you breathe. While you’re at it, be sure to get your dryer vents cleaned as well. The dryer vent hazard is an often-overlooked safety issue that causes hundreds of house fires every year, so taking advantage of dryer vent cleaning in the Main Line area is a good idea.

Professional Cleaning Services In Bucks And Montgomery County

The team at JMS Enterprises has decades of experience with carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, upholstered furniture cleaning, and more. If you have an air quality issue in your home, we will be happy to help you get it under control. Call us at (215) 706-0188 to inquire about cleaning services for all your soft surfaces, air duct cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, or anything else you need to keep your home clean and healthy.

JMS Enterprises is a locally-owned company that has been providing superior carpet care services to Montgomery County, PA & Bucks County homeowners since 1973.

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JMS Enterprises is a locally-owned company that has been providing superior carpet care services in Montgomery County, PA & Bucks County homeowners since 1973.

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