Is Carpet Cleaning Safe For Pets?

January 10th, 2019

carpet cleaning bucks countyHumans aren’t the only ones we have to worry about being safe in our homes. Most of us consider our pets to be part of our families, and part of being a pet-parent is keeping our little furry friends safe. We pay attention to what they eat, how others treat them, and make sure they don’t get out of the house unsupervised. If we do all of these things, why wouldn’t we also pay attention to the chemicals they could possibly ingest or make sure that the place they take their afternoon naps is safe for them? Us pet parents get stuck between a rock and a hard place because we need our pets to be safe, but we also know how much of a mess they can make, and sometimes the vacuum cleaner just won’t cut it.

There are a few things we can do to make cleaning our carpets safe for our pets, and still have the process be effective. At JMS Enterprises, we use a very safe and chemical free solution to keep your carpets stain-free and pet-friendly. You do not need to spend money on over-the-counter cleaning solutions, even the ones that claim to be safe because in reality, they are not! Our solution is a clean mixture of vinegar and water with a dash of Palmolive. We shake these items together and use the foam with a bit more water and pat the area clean. Be sure not to scrub the carpet because you might distort the fibers. This mixture is not only extremely effective on stains, but it’s 100% chemical free!

A good rule to follow is to stay away from any products that contain chlorine or ammonia, as both of these ingredients can not only irritate your pet’s skin and cause watery, itchy eyes, but also damage the carpet fibers. Lastly, let your carpet dry after using products before allowing pets near it. Contact JMS Carpet Care for any other questions or carpet care needs.