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Is It Possible to Clean Your Carpets and Area Rugs Too Often?

Is It Possible to Clean Your Area Rugs Too Often?

If you have been keeping up with our blog posts, you know that regularly cleaning your area rugs is crucial to having them look their best and last for years. The question becomes: how often should I clean them? Is once a year often enough? Is once a month too frequent? Read on to learn more!

Why Clean Your Area Rugs?

If you have a stain on your area rug, you will want to remove the stain before it sets in. But, what if you don’t have any obvious stains? It’s still a good idea to clean them regularly to keep them looking their best. You may not notice it, but your rugs will gradually build up dirt over time until they look dingy and worn out. A lot of dirt, like sand, microscopic glass particles, and bits of gravel, are also abrasive. When they settle deep down in the fibers, they gradually cut away at them until they start to come loose. Within a few years, abrasive dirt can start causing your rug fibers to come away from their backing, leaving your floor coverings looking threadbare and worn out.

Using a deep cleaning method, like the steam cleaning process utilized by the friendly techs at JMS Enterprises, will safely remove abrasive dirt fibers, protecting your rugs, keeping them clean, and ensuring you will get to enjoy them for many years to come.

How Often Should You Clean Area Rugs?

At the bare minimum, you should have your area rugs professionally cleaned once per year. Of course, you may want to get them cleaned more frequently if you have pets, or if someone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma. As long as you hire a professional cleaning company that uses the right tools, it won’t harm your rugs to get them cleaned twice per year, or even more frequently.

What To Look For in a Professional Area Rug Cleaning Company?

First and foremost, make sure they use steam cleaning equipment. Many carpet cleaning companies use machines that require harsh detergents and brushes. These can damage carpet fibers, fraying them and giving your carpets a dull appearance. When you’re talking about rugs that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, that’s a risk you can’t afford to take. Additionally, cleaning detergents leave behind a sticky residue that can attract dirt as your rugs are drying.

Steam cleaning equipment, on the other hand, uses only heated water. This water is injected deep into area rugs, all the way down to the backing. This loosens up particles of dirt and other materials so they can be removed using powerful vacuum suction. When the cleaning process is finished, so much of the water is removed that your rugs will only be slightly damp, and without sticky detergents to attract dirt, they will stay perfectly clean while they dry. Regular steam cleaning is not harmful to area rugs, and it improves the lifespan of your valuable floor coverings.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Montgomery County, PA

If you want to protect the value of your area rugs, speak to the team at JMS Enterprises about how often you should get them professionally cleaned. Call us today to schedule an area rug cleaning in the Main Line or anywhere else nearby!

JMS Enterprises is a locally-owned company that has been providing superior carpet care services to Montgomery County, PA & Bucks County homeowners since 1973.

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JMS Enterprises is a locally-owned company that has been providing superior carpet care services in Montgomery County, PA & Bucks County homeowners since 1973.

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