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Is Steam Cleaning Carpets Better Than Shampooing

Is Steam Cleaning Carpets Better Than Shampooing?

If you have a carpet or area rug that is stained and dingy, you have probably been wondering about the best way to clean it. You could rent one of those grocery store carpet shampooers, or even call in a professional to shampoo your carpets. Either of those would be a huge mistake! At JMS Enterprises, we use only the most advanced, truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment. There are several reasons why steam cleaning is better for carpets and rugs than shampooing, which is why our technicians would never even consider using a carpet shampooer. Here’s why you should only consider hiring a professional steam cleaning company for your rugs and carpets:

Steam Cleaning vs. Shampooing

The type of steam cleaning equipment we use at JMS Enterprises utilizes hot water, powerful cleaning agents, and pressure to inject cleaning solutions deep into your carpet or rug. This pressure allows that cleaning agent to reach down to the backing, where it liquefies soil and stains. Next, vacuum power is used to remove that liquid from the carpet or rug fibers, leaving no residue. Once your steam cleaning is finished, you can begin walking on your carpets immediately after cleaning, as long as you wear clean slippers. The cleaning solutions used in steam cleaning are also very gentle, so they won’t harm carpet fibers.

Shampooing, on the other hand, uses caustic detergents applied with a rotating brush. The harsh nature of carpet shampooing chemicals, in addition to the mechanical action of the brush bristles, causes carpet and rug fibers to break down and become frayed over time and can also separate them from their backing material. Because there is no pressure involved, shampooing only addresses dirt and stains in the top layer of the carpet, leaving deep-down stains untouched. Carpet shampooing also leaves a wet, sticky residue that can end up attracting more dirt before your carpets are dried. Carpet shampoo residue can even be harmful to you, your family, and your pets. For these reasons, we would not ever recommend using a carpet shampooer to clean your carpets or hire any cleaning company that does.

Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning in Montgomery County, PA

When you install carpet in your home or purchase a fine area rug, you are making an investment that will improve your home ownership experience. If you want to protect that investment, you need to schedule regular professional cleanings and stay away from any companies that use carpet shampooers. 
At JMS Enterprises, we have been cleaning carpets and area rugs since 1973, and we want to be your choice for area rug cleaning in the Main Line area. We have the experience and state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment it takes to deep clean your rugs and carpets without damaging them. Get in touch with us today by calling (215) 706-0188 to schedule a carpet or area rug cleaning, or for a range of other services including upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and more.

JMS Enterprises is a locally-owned company that has been providing superior carpet care services to Montgomery County, PA & Bucks County homeowners since 1973.

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JMS Enterprises is a locally-owned company that has been providing superior carpet care services in Montgomery County, PA & Bucks County homeowners since 1973.

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