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Message from Jan Sandler, President of JMS

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Dear Friend,

Hi, I’m the owner of JMS Enterprises, the company with the only “28 Point Quality Inspection Checklist” in the carpet cleaning industry — built for your satisfaction. It’s a checklist that has taken 37 years to perfect!

That’s not bravado — it’s simple fact.

We both know that clean carpets are more than just something to look at. Whether it is your children, your grandchildren, your pets or even you and your special loved one, we all spend considerable time on our carpets — playing games, watching TV or just hanging out. The last thing we want to do is roll around in the muck, mold and germs that you, your family and, yes, even your four legged friends drag in and leave all over your carpets…read more

Learn about our Four Phase Guarantee…a guarantee unheard of in the carpet cleaning industry!


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Hire a Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Professional

Having a clean and like-new appearance is not the only benefit of carpet cleaning, it also involves great benefit to health and hygiene of your home. Our carpet cleaning in Philadelphia not only removes visible dirt but also removes allergens, dust mites and other particles and cleans your living environment. Dirt that is not visible to the eye and even a good vacuuming canít clean your carpet. We utilize the most professional and state of the art carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning products that work deep down into the carpet to restore the vibrant colors and squishy feel of your carpet. Our Carpet Cleaning in Doylestown gives your living area a refreshing, cleaner look and feel while extending the life of your carpets.

We rejuvenate all your Upholstery to the brand new state

Our services also include to upholstery cleaning in Doylestown and our professionals take care of the wood, fabric, furniture and any other upholstery with utmost care. Our expert cleaners perform their best making use of our proven techniques and state of the art equipment to make sure that all the stains are removed, without damaging the fabric. We clean each and every part and upholstery of your living area, such as couches, chairs or sofas. Our cleaning processes take care of mold, mildew and any other potential risks to the health of your family. Our Upholstery Cleaning in Ambler can take care of even some of the most stubborn stains and leave your upholstery like new in no time.

Know what you have to pay before you pay

We donít give mere estimates on the phone, we visit your home understand the work, take a look at the carpet and the upholstery to be cleaned. Once you specify what needs to be done, only then do we provide a written estimate and contract. Just specify any spot or stain that has been the problem or any other cleaning issues with the upholstery and then itís our commitment to deliver the best cleaning results to you.